4 Reasons Why You Should Save with Xend Finance

4 Reasons Why You Should Save with Xend Finance

Xend Finance started out as the first DeFi Credit Union in the world, but has evolved into much more – now also the leading blockchain bank out of Africa. 

In the last year, we have created several DeFi products to help solve major financial issues like inflation and the constant devaluation of fiat currencies. 

What differentiates Xend Finance from your typical fintech company is that all our transactions are decentralized. That means that you can save, lend, invest, and earn interest without a single entity in control of your transactions. 

How does Xend Finance help you? 

We created a platform that allows you to convert your local currency into stable cryptocurrencies and earn unbeatable interest when you save. I am talking about up to 15% APY. 

Now to the big question of the day:

Why should you save with Xend Finance?

There are many reasons why you should save and invest in Xend Finance, but these are our top four:

1. It allows you to save in stable cryptocurrencies

Like I mentioned earlier, Xend Finance allows you to save your money in stable cryptocurrencies like BUSD (Binance USD). 

A stable cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is backed by assets like gold, fiat currencies, or other cryptocurrencies. 

Think of stable cryptocurrencies as the love child of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. They have the best attributes of both currencies, combining the security and privacy of payments associated with cryptocurrencies and the volatile-free stability of fiat currency. 

In simpler terms, when your local currency experiences devaluation, stable cryptocurrencies don’t. So, your money maintains its value even if you decide to use it years later.

2. It helps you live a financially stable life despite inflation

With Xend Finance, you never have to worry about inflation because you will always be a step ahead. While others carry out transactions with the devalued local currency, you use your stable cryptocurrency, which has its value intact. 

In fact, the main reason behind the creation of Xend Finance was to help people in developing countries who constantly face inflation. So, even if the prices of items keep increasing, you can still live a financially stable life.

3. Xend Finance offers one of the highest interest rates in the industry

This is where it gets super interesting. 

Not only do we allow you to convert your money into stable cryptocurrencies, but you can also save your BUSD and earn up to 15% interest compounded dailyqw. This is one of the highest interest rates you will find in the industry. 

While we protect your money from devaluation, we also pay you interest. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

4. We protect the deposits of our users with decentralized insurance

We are very particular about protecting the deposits of our users to prevent loss of savings or investments. 

All your deposits are insured by a decentralized insurance firm, Tidal Finance. So, you can rest assured that your money will always be completely safe and secure.

How can you start saving with Xend Finance?

There are two ways you can go about this. Go to our website, open your dashboard, and start saving. 

Or, and this is the easiest option because it allows people who have zero knowledge about cryptocurrency to save, use the Xend Finance app on the Google or Apple app stores.

To start saving on the app, click here to download the app. Create a fixed savings plan and start saving.