How to Register and Verify Your Account on Xend Finance Mobile App

How to Register and Verify Your Account on Xend Finance Mobile App

The Xend Finance Mobile App is a global crypto banking and savings platform built on the Xend Finance Layer 2 DeFi Protocol, with the simplest way to save, invest and earn high returns in Stable currency. You can also buy digital assets with your local currency, save your assets using either the flexible or fixed plans as an individual, cooperative or Esusu earning up to 70% APY(Annual Percentage Yield).

In this Article, you’ll know how to register and verify an Account on XendFinance Mobile App

  1. Download/Install the Xend Finance Mobile App on:
  1. Open the App and click on [Get Started]

  1. Enter your Email Address and Click on [Continue]
  1. Enter the email you’d like to signup with and click on [Register]
  1. To activate your account, an email will be sent to the email address you provided, you can open your email from the App to activate or you can activate your account  from your email service provider app and click on [I already confirmed my email] afterwards.
  1. After verifying your email, enter your preferred username and click [Continue]
  1. Input your password, and confirm the password. N.B Make sure your chosen password has at least 6 characters. Then click [Continue]
  1. Enter a referral username(optional) if you have a referral. Click [Continue]
  1. Congratulations you have successfully created your Xend Finance Account, you can now save immediately to earn interest on the app. You can now click on [Let’s go] to access your home page and start your savings plans.

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