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How would you explain the blockchain to a five-year-old?

My father says I was very inquisitive as a child. I wanted to know everything. Why is the moon following me? Why do I have to sleep at night? Why do I have to give Mama Ijeoma money before she can give me a biscuit? Why? Why? Why? and no answer was ever enough. 


Curious children are my nemesis and with the way the world is going, the things they want to understand and know has evolved. They want to know how self-driven cars will impact climate change, What happens to earth when we all go to Mars, What exactly is the blockchain? In this article, I will attempt to answer the last one. 


Trust is when you believe that something or someone is reliable. Generally it is easier to trust systems that are transparent and open for everyone to see.


Let’s say you want some chocolates and you ask me to get you some from your pocket money. I could decide to give you greens instead because I want you to eat healthy but you wouldn’t like that very much. 


On the blockchain, this would not happen. You can decide to get the chocolates yourself. And you make it known that you have your pocket money up for some chocolates and everyone has access to that information. Everyone can see your pocket money ready for the purchase. 


The chocolate-seller on his end, tells everyone that he has chocolates for sale and everyone can see that his chocolates are on sale. When you both agree and decide to do the exchange, everyone can see the exchange take place. 


This chocolate-seller person cannot attempt to cheat you by giving you something else or by giving you less. He is held accountable by everyone. Nobody is in charge therefore I cannot go behind your back and ask him to give you greens instead.


The blockchain can be applied to a lot of things. Let’s say you are required to submit a school assignment on the blockchain but you forgot to do it. You cannot claim that you have submitted when the teacher asks because everyone can see who has and who has not. That’s it.


“So, a public ledger?”